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A speeding ticket can cost you more than money. You will waste time, and if faced with a serious charge, you might find yourself in a tedious legal battle. A speeding ticket does not necessarily mean that there is a violation of the law. The patrol officers can make wrong assumptions, and you need an experienced Tift County speeding ticket lawyer to fight the legal battle on your behalf. Get ready to plead your innocence and avoid the increased insurance rate and license suspension.

Every Georgia traffic law violation carries a number of points. If you accumulate 15 points, you are at a risk of facing law penalties. You might get a license suspension and a severe increase in your insurance premiums. Therefore, you should act quickly in case of a traffic offense charge. The traffic police office should follow particular protocol during an arrest. Therefore, if the officer misses a single step, your attorney can make this evidence become inadmissible.

If you have a speeding ticket, you will pay a penalty of $200 if convicted of speeding. A patrol officer can charge you with speeding if you are driving at 85 miles per hour or more on a highway or any other road. When driving on a two-lane road, you will be liable for a speeding ticket if you drive at 75 miles per hour or more. It is important to note that patrol officers can have errors and make a wrongful arrest. At this point, you can put a fight with a Georgia speeding ticket lawyer.

A competent traffic attorney will represent you in case you fall under various Georgia traffic law violation charges - If you are under 21 years facing speeding charges, or if you are a CDL driver with a speeding ticket. In addition, you can be an out-of-state driver, having a speeding ticket. Furthermore, our attorneys will help you resolve complications that might stem out of speeding and ticket charges.

Paying a speeding ticket means you are pleading guilty. This can have devastating effects in the future including higher insurance rates and the possibility of losing your license if enough points accumulate against your driver license. Protect your rights today and call the Tift County speeding ticket attorneys of Kunes Law at (229) 382-4900.

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