New Technology on Massachusetts Toll Roads Collect Information on Drivers

Massachusetts has new electronic toll roads, which utilize technology that can also send alerts on drivers to law enforcement through a “hot list” feature. This new feature, which allows certain license plates and transponders to be flagged for monitoring, raises concerns from American Civil Liberties Union, who think this type of technology could be abused or misused. Apparently the hardware has been in place even before tolls have been charged, and it has been collecting data on what times vehicles were observed as well as what speed they were travelling. Massachusetts State Police spokesman says that “there are safeguards in place to protect the public’s privacy rights, and we are judicious and mindful of due process in our use of the technology.” According to contracts procured by non-profit company MuckRock, Defense contractor Raytheon Co. had included this hot list feature in tolling systems it installed on Virginia’s I-495 and I-95, as well as on the Florida Turnpike. What do you think? Does the government have a legitimate interest in this type of monitoring, or is it rife for abuse?

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